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At Mountain Blue Cancer Care Center we bring the most advances in medicine and science to every patient in care that is personalized and targeted to their individual disease. Our goal is to triumph over their disease with the best quality of life possible. We treat various types of cancers including lung, breast, gastrointestinal and other. We combine science of medicine with integrative approach to deliver care that is respectful of the patients and their families. We implement biologic therapy, targeted therapy, chemotherapy and vaccine therapy in accordance to national guidelines. Our research and patients success is published and cited in national journals.

Our staff thrives to bring to our patients a sense of belonging to a peaceful and joyful world.  Those who walk into Mountain Blue Cancer Care Center become a part of a unique culture.  A culture that looks back to embrace moments that patients and their loved ones value; a culture that looks ahead with hope, triumph and respect.

Our Physician

Dr. Samir Witta is board certified in Medical Oncology. He completed his medical school at Charles University, PhD in Genetics at the National Institutes of Health, and fellowship at the University of Colorado. He publishes in national journals. He brings advanced treatments that are individualized to patient’s disease and needs.