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Red Rocks Surgery Center offers a safe, convenient alternative to inpatient or outpatient hospital care.

Red Rocks Surgery Center provides surgical expertise in a caring atmosphere and an efficient setting.   Our warm comfortable surroundings and the increased level of individual attention from our staff minimize the stress often associated with operative procedures.

Your Physician is supported by a highly skilled team of registered nurses and medical technicians specially trained in surgical and recovery care.   Physician Anesthesia Services, all Board Certified Anesthesiologists, will be involved in your care and will be visiting with you upon admittance. The Center performs a broad range of outpatient and short stay surgical procedures.

General Surgery Ophthalmology Urology
 Dr. Asad Cataract
Dr. Cahn
 Dr. Baer Dr. Campbell Dr. Hartman
 Dr. Brew Dr. Cuevas Dr. Ning
 Dr. Knight Retina Dr. Zukosky
 Dr. Offner Dr. Christmas ENT
 Dr. Olson Dr. Hagedorn Dr. Birney
 Dr. Pinson Dr. Hovland
 Dr. Pulido Dr. Johnson GI
 Dr. Seale Dr. Joondeph Dr. Castro
 Dr. Waring Dr. Kimura Pain Management
 Dr. Wiebe Dr. Liu Dr. Brown
 Ortho/Hand Dr. Mehta Dr. Hemler
Dr. Petty
 Dr. Mouchantat Dr. Benenati
Dr. Hineser
Dr. Valenti